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Top 7 Best Types of Protein 

Top 7 Best Types of Protein Whether you are trying to lose some body fats, build lean muscle, or simply improve your overall health, supplementing your daily diet with protein is an excellent choice. Protein is a macronutrient necessary for the proper functioning and growth of the body. It keeps you feel fuller for longer and supports muscle growth. This essential nutrient stimulates the development of new cells, enhances hormone production and helps in the recovery of tired muscles. A majority of people are accustomed to obtaining protein solely from meat. However, there are lots of other healthy sources of protein that you can take.Take a look at some of them. Whey Protein This type of protein is one of the most popular forms of consumption protein among people who are looking to stay in shape and weightlifters. Whey protein is protein obtained from dairy and has optimal amino acids and can be quickly absorbed by the body, thus making it the most ideal for post-workout recovery. Also, whey protein supports a healthy metabolism and cardiovascular health. Egg White While there is still a debate on whether eggs are good for human health or not, the protein that they contain is undeniable. When taken in moderation, eggs whites can do wonders when it comes to your health. The amino acids present on egg white is great, and they have been used for decades to help in...

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Healthiest Type of Chicken 

The Healthiest Type of Chicken and its Health Benefits   The healthiest type of chicken is the organic chicken raised by organic standards.The organic chicken comes with higher nutrient quality and lower risk of contaminated feed. Besides the organic standard, the healthiest type of chicken should be raised in a natural lifestyle. Popular breeds for chickens raised for meat include Hubbard, White Rock, Barred, Cornish Rock, Cornish Cross, and Cornish.   When looking to buy the best chicken meat for your health you have to go beyond organic and ask for a pasture-raised chicken. There are different ways to...

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Free-range beef and farm-raised beef

Free-range beef and farm raised beef As the name indicates, beef that is raised at two different places. One that is raised on the farm is fed with a variety of supplements, unnatural food items in order to increase its weight, meat, and quantity is called farm raised beef. This category of beef raises in less time period, less space, and adds more profit to the farmer. Its nutritional content is very less and the taste is also very poor as it is observed in the chicken broiler, the same is the case with a farm raised beef. The other that is raised in a natural environment and fed natural food is called free-range beef. It grows in the natural time period, contain more calories, more nutrition, more health benefits and pose no side-effect to the human body. It is better for human, better for health, better for animals, and tastes great. The nutritional content of a free-range beef is great along with taste. Differences and why free-range beef is better than a farm-raised beef The nutritional quality of free-range beef has always been unparalleled. As this beef grows on natural food and is not given any steroid or any growth enhancing supplement, the meat, and nutrition of a free-range beef is much greater than farm raised beef.   CLA a potential cancer fighter Conjugated Linoleic acid, is an...

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