Free-range beef and farm raised beef

As the name indicates, beef that is raised at two different places. One that is raised on the farm is fed with a variety of supplements, unnatural food items in order to increase its weight, meat, and quantity is called farm raised beef. This category of beef raises in less time period, less space, and adds more profit to the farmer. Its nutritional content is very less and the taste is also very poor as it is observed in the chicken broiler, the same is the case with a farm raised beef.
The other that is raised in a natural environment and fed natural food is called free-range beef. It grows in the natural time period, contain more calories, more nutrition, more health benefits and pose no side-effect to the human body. It is better for human, better for health, better for animals, and tastes great. The nutritional content of a free-range beef is great along with taste.
Differences and why free-range beef is better than a farm-raised beef
The nutritional quality of free-range beef has always been unparalleled. As this beef grows on natural food and is not given any steroid or any growth enhancing supplement, the meat, and nutrition of a free-range beef is much greater than farm raised beef.

CLA a potential cancer fighter

Conjugated Linoleic acid, is an essential Amino Acid that we must obtain from food. The meat of a free-range beef contains a higher amount of CLA that fight against cancer. A high-quality cattle are fed with a high-quality grass and grain. In this meat, there are 16 different CLA’s that all are help essential for human body. Although there are many other sources of the CLA, in the meat of a free-range beef the concentration of CLA is close to human requirement and consumption level. The level of CLA is very low is a farm raised beef.

Reduces cardiac problems

One more benefit of this meat is that it reduces the chances of a cardiac problem. It is because it contains the less level of cholesterol as the muscles of the animal are strong and during its razing, the fat content decreases.

Heart-healthy fatty acids 

It contains a high level of Omega three and six fatty acids that are essential and healthy fatty acids. While in a farm-raised beef, the level of cholesterol is high and bad fatty acids are also high that pose potential cardiac issues.


The presence of an Antioxidant e: g Vitamin E, is also a very high that protects the body against infections and oxidation of free cells. Farm raised beef lacks Vitamin E content.

Improves blood sugar level 

As the content of bad fatty acids is high in farm-raised beef, so it reduces the circulation and sometimes leads to clot formation in the blood veins that cause the heart attack. A free-range beef meat improves the blood circulation along with Vitamin E that is a blood thinner too. It keeps the concentration of blood normal and improves its circulation in the body.

Less hormone and antibiotics 

The cattle raised on the farm is always less healthy because farmers use hormones to increase the weight of the cattle and hence the meat content. This beef gives more meat and high antibiotic resistance to the body. Farm raised beef is kept in less space in order to adjust more and more cattle so the chances of infection increases.
To reduce infection, farmers give antibiotic to cattle for a long time period until its slaughter and after slaughter, this intake of this beef lead to more antibiotic resistance in the human body. The more intake of hormone supplements by far, raised beef increase its weight and also human body weight after the intake.
A free-range beef is free from all such intakes like antibiotics, steroids, and hormones. This beef just fed on natural plant food and are high in calories and less in other substances mentioned above. So the intake of a free-range beef is much better than the other.

No food poisoning 

A free-range beef poses no issue of food poisoning, but the farm-raised beef pose. A free-range beef is safe for health from all respects while the farm-raised I unhealthy and its continuous intake lead to harmful health effects. It contains a variety of bacteria that leads to gastrointestinal issues in the human while free-range beef escapes this.


The content of Niacin, pantothenic acid, zinc, B vitamins, Vit C, D, E, A, K, and minerals is high is a free-range beef as compared to a farm raised beef.

The fat content 

The fat content of a free-range beef is less while the other is high in cholesterol, bad fatty acids, and less in heart-healthy fatty acids. A free range is high in the heart-healthy fatty acids.

Protein content

The protein content of free-range beef is higher than the other one.